Strategic Sourcing

Are you posting job ads and disappointed with the results? Job boards, such as Monster, offer the ability to post an ad, however, they typically generate significant responses but not any desirable candidates. Recently, we designed a targeted sourcing program for a client and we were provided a free job posting. We quickly received over 20 responses. None, however, had the experience required or even business-to-business sales experience. In short, they were not viable candidates and wouldn’t benefit our client. A targeted sourcing campaign, using Social Media and innovation, can create and uncover the candidates needed to fill the key slots in your organization to accomplish your strategic plan.

Our previous article discussed the many (legal) ways you can utilize Social Media in vetting your top candidates. Now we would like to address using the Internet to assist you in your “hunt” for these challenging positions. According to a recent survey on Careerbuilder, 75% of currently working people are open to a new opportunity but only 18% of them are actively seeking other employment.
Where do active job-seekers go to find opportunities? Most people would think that company Job boards are the obvious response, but that is incorrect. A large number of active job-seekers are going to Google and using an easy Boolean search (their zip code and job title). Within the Google search results, (62%) direct candidates to the job board, Indeed. Indeed is a great tool that works for you continuously at no cost.

Can Indeed Help You?
Yes! For best results, all you need is an Applicant Tracking Systemand a Career Page and Indeed will do the rest. This easy 3 step process will cut down the time needed to find Top Performers:

1. Create new post via your Applicant Tracking system

2. A lot of Applicant Tracking Systems will automatically post the new position to your company job board

3. Indeed then “harvests” your career site looking for new jobs and then posts them on their job board for free
By simply creating a new job opening on your Applicant Tracking System you can easily reach 100,000,000users a month! A recent study showed that more companies obtained hires from Indeed than from all other job boards combined.

LinkedIN is the“Facebook” in the business world and a great resource for finding Top Performers. The 3 major perks to using LinkedIN for talent acquisition are:

1. LinkedIN was created with static fields so searching LinkedIN’s interface using a Boolean search is more exact than an Internet search engine.

2. LinkedIN has also made it extremely simple to join, or create, industry-specific groups. This allows for easy posting of new positions directly to those in your industry.

3. LinkedIN has created their own job board where you can post available positions. While this route does have a fee, you can:

a. Target candidates with specific years of industry or product experience, education, or even previous companies a candidate has worked for.

b. Set up targeted search alerts which are emailed you when a new profile matches your criteria

c. Contact a candidate from within the system
The Internet has created a revolution in the recruiting industry. To be successful in today’s competitive, demanding document imaging world, we need more than just talented, willing, and motivated employees. They have to have the attributes that match the position with the skills and knowledge necessary to take the organization to the next level. A targeted approach of finding, acquiring and retraining the talent needed is one of the critical factors to your future success.

We touched on 2 different, but the most heavily used, sources of recruiting Top Performers on the Internet. Each one can streamline your recruiting/sourcing practices while also saving time, money, and effectiveness. For additional information on how to increase revenue through people’s performance, a list of low-cost applicant tracking systems, or other sourcing concerns, contact us at or by calling 843.884.9361.